Chipotle Molasses Ribs


10   lbs.   Beef Ribs
2    Tbsp.  Paprika
2    Tbsp.  Salt
2    Tbsp.  Pepper
4    Tbsp.  Brown Sugar
1     Cup    Daddy Cook's Chipotle Marinade & BBQ Basting Sauce

Preheat Oven to 250

Mix salt, pepper, paprika and brown sugar, rub generously over beef ribs. Place ribs in baking pan, cover with aluminum foil and bake 4-5 hours. When ready the meat should be pulled away from the bone. Let rest uncovered 30 minutes. While ribs are resting start preparing your grill. Place ribs on grill and baste with the Chipotle Molasses Sauce. Grill over high heat turning ribs every 1-2 minute, baste and continue this process until ribs are glazed or charred